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About Indika Group


Indika Group is a multinational agro conglomerate, which through its group of companies’ presence in different countries manufactures, processes, exports and trades food ingredients, agricultural commodities, both raw and processed. Indika Operates across many countries and connects across the global food and agro system while sourcing, processing, warehousing, transporting, shipping and trading in different agricultural of the world.

The groups’ top offering includes Rice, Sugar, Grains, Wheat Flour, Spices, Oils seeds, Pulses, Edible Oils, Coffee, Tea, Honey, Dry Fruits, Animal Feeds, Edibles Nuts, Beans and other products.

Indika currently is exporting & trading in more than 40 food products and agro commodities to more than 60 countries, ensuring consistent supply of quality and commodities at reasonable and affordable prices. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement by seeking feedback and working closely with our partners.